Flirteezy, OKCupid or another app, no matter which one you’ll use to get the a girl in Singapore, you’ll finally have to date her. We’ve summarised 5 types of women for you, which you could meet on your next date in Singapore…

Pamper Me Fiona

You are not only her designated chauffeur when she’s “immobilized” after a manicure, you also have to plan for regular vacations and carry her hand-bag during a shopping spree. Congrats: Now you are the dude you swore you wouldn’t never be: You will sit around at Charles and Keith and peeling the prawns in a fancy restaurant.


Office Lady Rebecca

Branded handbag, check. Pencil Skirt, check. Intimate knowledge of the office’s juiciest gossip, double check. You don’t have to check out gossip websites when you date her…


SIA Stewardess Shirley (and crew)

Almost all Singapore men have already dated, tried (or failed) to date a Singapore Girl. London, Bangkok, Tokyo, she’s jet-setting the world. Her hair will never be out of place, she seems to be pretty perfect and she’s ready to service you with a smile, every time you date her.


Bro Girl Bennett

She plays video games, likes tattoos and doesn’t think twice about watching soccer till early in the morning with you at your favorite sports bar. But not enough, she even supports the same team as you! But be careful, you friends might like her more than you. Better keep her in the back seat of your car if you meet your friends…


Xiao Mei Mei Leia

Xiao Mei Mei Leia has an undying love for Hello Kitty and all things kawaii. You will even go so far for her to queue hours for at the next Hello Kitty Cafe. Her cuteness helps you to overlook the creative liberties she takes with her social media account names such as Michelle Fatdieme Lovesyoumuch Cutiepiepie Lim…


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