Singapore is a great place if you want to date people from all over the world. As a financial and business hub with many foreign expats, it is easy to date foreigners in Singapore. In this blogpost we give you 4 tips how to find and date foreigners in Singapore.

Use the right App

The most essential step to find foreigners in Singapore is to use the right app. Flirteezy is a very popular dating app worldwide and especially in Asia very famous among foreigners. If you want to date foreign men or women in Singapore, then Flirteezy should be your first choice.


Show interest in their culture and country

We always recommend to show an interest in the culture of your dating partner. As you start to ask more questions and really show interest, he or she will come out of her shell and also appreciate the fact that you’re willing to learn.

Choose a nice place for your date

There are plenty of amazing dating spots in Singapore. If you date a foreigner you can show him/her around your wonderful city. Head to the Gardens by the Bay, visit Sentosa Island or go to try local cuisine in your favourite Hawker Centre. Every foreigner will appreciate it if you put some effort in your date and show the beauty of Singapore.


Stay in touch

Many foreigners are living alone and without family in Singapore. Therefore they are feeling lonely and are probably seeking friendship or a stable long term relationship. Stay in touch with your match, chat regularly and show that you are interested in his or her life. This is building trust and in the end nobody likes to be alone in a foreign country, right!?


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