Singapore is a great place if you want to date girls from the Philippines. Many Filipinos coming to Singapore to work as domestic helpers. By 2009, there were 163,090 citizens of the Philippines living in Singapore. Therefore the chances to date Filipinas in Singapore are really high. All you need to know about dating Filipina girls in Singapore, we explain you here in our blogpost.

Use the right App

The most essential step to find Philippine girls in Singapore is to use the right app. Flirteezy is very popular in Asia and you can find thousands of nice singles in Singapore. Many girls from the Philippines are also Flirteezy users. That’s why your chances are really high to meet Philippine women in Singapore with Flirteezy.

Show interest in her culture and country

We always recommend to show interest in the culture of your dating partner. As you start to ask more questions and really show interest, she will come out of her shell and also appreciate the fact that you’re willing to learn.

Choose a nice place for your date

If you go out with a girl from the Philippines, choose a nice place. A good local restaurant or even a restaurant with Filipino cuisine might be an ideal place. But don’t shoot over the top! Many Philippine girls are coming from very poor families. If you take the wrong girl for a date to a high end luxury restaurant, she probably wouldn’t feel comfortable… Also some other activities like picnicking at the park or visiting the Gardens might be an option. Some great ideas for a date in Singapore you can find here…

Singapore Dating - Girl at the Gardens by the Bay - Flirt Life Blog

Stay in touch

Many Philippine girls came totally alone and without any friends to Singapore. Therefore many Filipinas are feeling lonely and lost. It is your job to make her comfortable, care about her and give her an ear if she needs it. Try to be a friend, she will appreciate it in many ways. It is very common to chat or video chat with your Filipina girl every evening, she just needs somebody to talk!

Find your Philippine girl in Singapore with Flirteezy – dating made easy!

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