Singapore is an attractive hub for foreigners from all over the world – high lifestyle standards, great business opportunities, and, of course, a lot of beautiful girls. Singaporean girls are a little bit different than the rest of the girls in most parts of Southeast-Asia. They are not only well educated, clever and beautiful, but they also come from good family backgrounds. Most of them speaking English very well. Everything you need to know about the local dating culture in Singapore and 5 secrets to date girls in Singapore, we explain you in this blogpost.

The Singaporean Dating Culture

Normally men make the first move in Singapore. However, Singapore has a free dating culture and is very modern and open minded. It is acceptable for women to talk to men, so they often make the first move as well.

Singapore Girls are not easy to get for a date when they only know your name and phone number. You need some time to get warm with them. You should chat a while before asking them out. Otherwise, there is a decent chance to get rejected. Flirteezy gives you the best option to chat for a while. There are several thousands of lovely Singaporean girls registered!

Dating in Singapore involves activities like watching movies, having some cocktails or a meal and enjoying a long conversation. This is totally different to dates in for example in Thailand, where the language barrier is a huge problem.

Singapore girls are not poor, many of them have pretty good jobs and could even earn a much higher salary than you. Keep that in mind, money is not really the thing what the usual Singapore girl is looking for. But there’s also a survey that says that Singaporean women aren’t willing to date someone who is shorter than them. Well, then you have to put even more effort to show your other qualities…

Singapore ladies are quite involved with their families, meaning they live with their parents until they get married. So there is probably no way to get back to her home for a little bit of fun. Do not see it as a rejection, if she never invites you to her apartment.


Relationships are a choice, not a necessity

Independent girls, like the most Singaporean girls are, treasure their independence a lot. This means it is unlikely they will stick around in an unhappy relationship. They would rather be alone than with someone they don’t see a future with.


Dating Girls of other nationalities in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most civilized countries in the world. It attracts lots of foreigners – for business, work and living. For this reason, there are lots of women from other countries too. You can find Philippine- and Thai-Girls as well as many Russian and Western women. Keep your dating game open…


Do’s and Don’ts Dating Singapore Girls

Be open minded – Singaporean women come from another culture. Show some interest and she will appreciate it. But never think that Singaporeans are behind! The people in Singapore are very well educated and know how it goes in Europe or the United States as well!

Give her a few compliments – do not exaggerate or she will think you are fake. Compliment her on things that she is actually responsible for, e.g. her dress or something like that.

Do not forget about basic etiquette! This is in Singapore much more important than in Thailand or other Southeast-Asian countries. Just behave like back in your country and show your good manners peached by grandma!

Never refuse another drink in a different place or an activity after dinner. When a girl from Singapore is asking for more, this means that she is interested. If you refuse it, she might think bad about you or even worse that you don’t like her!


Use a dating site to get what you want!

The majority of people nowadays are online. If you’re serious about meeting somebody, dating apps are the place to be. Especially in Singapore the online dating market is huge. Here you can find everything, from flirts to real love or even hook ups. Online dating gives you all the possibilities at your finger tips.


Don’t worry, modern online dating is fun, safe and easy to use. Flirteezy is the perfect dating app for Singapore. There are thousands of girls in Singapore registered with the right match for everyone.

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