Casual dating in Singapore is nowadays on high demand. Serious- or drama-free relationships are uprising and the uncomplicated way to find a relationship without strings. Sometimes it’s not about finding a soulmate or getting married. Sometimes, it’s about finding someone who wants no commitment, but is still looking for a good time with a partner. In this blog post we tell you more about casual dating in Singapore.

General About Casual Dating

The dating culture in the last several years has changed significantly. Many people decide nowadays to not rush things; most users in dating apps first prefer flirting and interacting with many people before deciding to get serious with a particular person they like.

In the past, dating apps were considered to be used only by shy people and the ugly who found it hard to get a partner in real life. Maybe back then this was true, if at all. Over the years things have changed and more people have registered. Many people prefer sex with no commitments and there is no other better place to get this than with the dating apps. Those who seek to have a little fun and hook up with as many partners as possible are now taking advantage of the large number of singles in dating apps and changing the game of online dating.

However, many times casual dating is not only about sex. It is more about to have a likeminded person to hang out, eat and talk together without the strings of a relationship. Especially very busy people in metropolitan areas like Singapore decide to take advantage of this more often. But check out our definition of Casual Dating:

Definition of Casual Dating – Casual dating generally implies that you’re not planning to keep someone around long-term. The trick is making sure you’re both on the same page and each have the same expectations.

How to Find Casual Dates in Singapore?

The dating game is tough. But dating apps are the answer for everybody to find the right dating partner for himself. The nice thing with dating apps is the fact, that you can use filters and find out upfront what the other person wants. Also dating apps are providing some kind of anonymity – this helps many people to get out of their comfort zone.

The best way to find casual dates in Singapore is to search in the right place. Do not contact everybody in the hope to find your match for a casual date blind. In fact many women do not like this kind of dating at all.

Use search filters and match making apps instead. There you can describe yourself and your interests. Based on that, the app will calculate the ideal partner for your needs. Also a search filter is a great way to find like minded users. So you can limit the search results to people who are looking for the same thing like you, e.g. a serious relationship, friendship or just a little bit of fun.

Flirteezy offers you both of the above mentioned features and therefore it is an ideal dating app to find your ideal date in Singapore.

In short:

  • Not everybody is seeking casual dates
  • Use filters to limit your search results
  • The more accurate your profile is, the better the chances to find the ideal match!


The Rules of Casual Dating

Everybody has got needs, and sometimes you just want to date and keep things casual. Sounds familiar? Then you should know the rules of casual dating.

  1. Make sure everybody involved knows the score.
  2. You still need respect.
  3. No possessiveness, please.
  4. Don’t make future plans beyond a few days.
  5. End it like a grownup.

Casual Dating doesn’t mean that a serious relationship or love is impossible. But keep in mind, that both parties have to feel comfortable when it is getting more serious…

Now it is time to find your casual date in Singapore. Sign up for Flirteezy and choose what you want: a relationship for life, new friends or dating without strings!

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